Gemini Ascendant and physical appearance.

Sony Tue, December 13, 2005 - 9:12 AM by Sony

Appearance: Normally, Gemini ascending causes the native to be rather slender, erect, and of average or less-than-average height. The legs frequently are 'birdlike.' They seldom have an overweight problem because of their abundant nervous energy. The body is best described as wiry. The arms tend to be rather long and thin; fingers may be likewise. The face seems to be 'double"'--there may be a cleft in the chin and even tip of the nose, which may be slightly hooked and sometimes reddish. Hair tends to dark brown.

How true is this for you guys? I know that there are planets in the chart which also affects the physical appearance of a person..does anyone know how to interpret the chart??

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Tue, December 13, 2005 - 9:27 AM by Unsubsc...

Well, the long slender-thing definitely goes for me, as does the cleft in the chin, my nose isn't hooked and I have strawberry-blonde hair. What about you?

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Sony Tue, December 13, 2005 - 8:26 PM by Sony

slender and shorter than average goes for me. I dont have a cleft in the chin and neither do i have a hooked nose.

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SarahRose Tue, December 13, 2005 - 9:43 PM by SarahRose

Well, I have pretty long arms, but other than that, I do have dark brow hair...
Sony, did you post your chart??

Re: Gemini Ascendant and physical appearance.

Sony Wed, December 14, 2005 - 6:41 AM by Sony

nope..i'll do that now.

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llarissa Fri, December 16, 2005 - 6:35 PM by llarissa

I am a gemini sun and gemini rising... and while i am short, i am most certainly not slender or wiry (quite the opposite.) I do have a cleft in the end of my nose though... that's interesting.

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JW Tue, December 20, 2005 - 1:14 PM by JW

Definately not slender, except for that time I starved myself on drugs and Makenna Beach, Maui

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Khepher Tue, December 20, 2005 - 11:12 PM by

The Gemini description pretty much sums me up to a tee...except for the height part. I'm sorta tall. (6'1+) But I have the long arms and the cleft on the nose. Interesting.

Re: Gemini Ascendant and physical appearance.

JW Thu, December 22, 2005 - 5:54 PM by JW

Bogus, there are Gemini Risings on every continent, country, city, state.

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Songbird Sat, December 24, 2005 - 7:49 PM by Songbird

I am only debunking this because stuff like this makes me feel left out and violates my sense of fairness:

1) I am overweight. My nervous energy causes me to think too much and need little sleep.

2) My legs are smaller than the rest of my body. I would thank you not to point that out.

3) My arms are short and stubby.

4) I do have a cleft in my chin... slight, but there, and especially when I smile

5) My hair is a grayish black

Is it me or when you read these kinds of traits, it makes you think they are geared towards a more Eurocentric aesthetic?

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Songbird Sat, December 24, 2005 - 7:50 PM by Songbird

Hee! I am a Gemini moon and gemini rising. I am not short at 5'11". However, I am short for males on my maternal side and I feel short inside (body dysmorphic disorder going on...). My body is ruled by my head. If I think I can do something, I can.

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Tue, December 27, 2005 - 10:49 AM by Unsubsc...

Oh my God that's so weird! I have dark brown hair, shorter than average, very long arms and fingers. Although I'm only 5'3 people think I'm taller because my frame is so wiry and long.

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Prairie Mon, January 2, 2006 - 9:42 PM by Prairie

I'm a 5'7" female weighing in between 150 and 158. (The weight fluctuates... I wonder if that is also a Gemini trait? Everything in my life seems to fluctuate). I'm not sure what "birdlike legs" look like, but my legs are not fat, by any means. I have Mercury in Gemini, so my nervous energy is channeled mentally. No cleft anywhere on my face. Hair is dark blonde/light brown with streaks of gray. My nose is sometimes reddish, but not hooked.
I don't know the physical characteristics of the other signs, but none of us are made up of only one aspect.
I look like my great grandfather. High cheekbones, heavy brows, thin lips, small eyes.

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Arin Fri, January 6, 2006 - 2:58 PM by Arin

I'm 5'8, pretty tall for a girl I'd say. I'm definitely not thin but my legs have always been much thinner than the rest of my body. I have very long arms, legs, and fingers. My hair is dark brown too. =]

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Sat, February 11, 2006 - 9:51 AM by Unsubsc...

I´m also 5´8. My wieght is 118 pounds. I have my curves, still my legs and arms are long and slender. My face is rounded, big brown round eyes... I have my gemini moon conj asc. My nose is small, my ears are small, my fingers and hands and toes are tiny. My hair is very long, straight and dark brown, almost black but with reddish lights

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SarahRose Fri, April 7, 2006 - 11:34 PM by SarahRose

Just a little fact here,
at my job we are 3 Gemini Risings and the other day I took the time to compare us phisically and I noticed that the 3 of us small symmetric facial features, small noses and ears, soft facial traits....

My honey told me the other day that behind my soft little symmetrical face hides a bundle of blasphematory evil...

So I'd say that behind my charming witty Gemini Rising hides a deep dark Scorpio Moon.....


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Wed, May 17, 2006 - 10:30 AM by Unsubsc...

i'm slender, dark brown hair, and i have a cleft in my chin, but not in my nose. my eyes tend to dart around and my hands can be fidgety if i don't work to slow my mind down.

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*Sahar* Thu, October 5, 2006 - 11:10 AM by *Sahar*

I have the idea of a cleft on my chin. I am average height and about 10-15 lbs below the average weight. My limbs are proportionately longer than my tourso. I have dark brown hair. Pretty spot on for me. Interesting....

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Thu, November 9, 2006 - 12:02 PM by Unsubsc...

I love that Wendy posted the appearances of other rising signs.
At 5' 9" I'm nowhere near "average" height (for a girl). But after looking at the other signs, I seem to be a lot closer to the Gemini description than any of the others.

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marnie Tue, April 3, 2007 - 11:31 AM by marnie

I fit a lot of this except I have muscular legs.

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elisa Tue, June 12, 2007 - 5:03 AM by elisa

I am slender, average (or a little smaller) height, I'm not sure what 'birdlike' means! I am naturally muscular (but that could be my mars conjunct asc), I'm not wiry, I don't have a hooked nose and i think my hair is mousy brown under all the peroxide!

Hrrmm vanity

Lucy Thu, June 14, 2007 - 2:33 PM by Lucy

I'm petite & am pretty slight... i'm skinny with a bit of meat on me. i am pointy featured and my friend's mum once said i ate like a bird...hmmm... not really the same? lol i have what could be a slightly hooked nose.. in my insecure days i called it a beak although it resembles nothing of the sort.... & my hair is dark chesnutty brown.
People used to say i looked proud or elegant because i did sit 'erect'ly or carry myself a certain way,, hmmm I would say my sun (taurus) & Venus in the first (cancer) influences my looks too as i tend to flesh out round the curves & become more solid and less wiry when i've overindulged :P

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Lucy Thu, June 14, 2007 - 2:38 PM by Lucy

hahaha "a bundle of blasphematory evil..." :P i love scorpio's.... My Gemini Rising unfortunately ...(or not) hides a Gemini moon and lazy Taurus sun

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Tia Sat, November 22, 2008 - 9:52 AM by Tia

I don't like the word wirey. haha
I like slender, which I am pretty slender, and I have long arms and figers..I'm pretty normal height..about 5'3/5'4.
I have naturally dark brown hair (I'm mulatto though xD) but I always dye it (gotta love the variety) I don't have a cleft chin or hooked nose though..
Does it say anything about eyes. People always say my eyes are very lively...some say daring.

Re: Gemini Ascendant and physical appearance.

YoungContrarian Sat, December 20, 2008 - 3:33 AM by YoungCo...

Some people say I look like a lizard.

Re: Gemini Ascendant and physical appearance.

Sheralyn Fri, February 13, 2009 - 9:02 AM by Sheralyn

Pisces Sun. I think I used to be slender but kind of put on some weight after I overindulge myself (blame Moon in Taurus as well as Pisces Sun). I'm 5"5 and I think it's above average for females. Anyway, I think I have 'birdlike' legs. No wonder people always comment on the way I walk. I tend to walk with my feet pointing sideways. It's ungraceful XD. And I have rather long arms. And yeah, I have natural dark brown hair which isn't that common for an Asian.

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memetic Thu, March 5, 2009 - 1:30 PM by memetic

I'm skinny, but 'hourglass' shaped
I'm proportionate (my arms arnt overly long)
I was born with blonde hair that darkened over time (blame the lack of sun in the UK coz when i go on holiday it lightens again) lol
Im 5'4"
I used to be pidgeon toed but used some 'heels' in my shoes as a child to correct my walking which is now straight
I have a small nose, its not really pointy but resembles a small triangle
I burn the midnight oil frequently

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Jenny Fri, June 26, 2009 - 10:37 AM by Jenny

As an indulgent Venus girl thin and I shall never be compatible, though I was a jock-ette most my life.
It'll take more than extra air to carve those curves! Even with Gem in my 1st house as well.

5'8. Lil more than average with auburn dark hair that started as platimum.
But my nose has a cleft and is reddish -thought that was celt influence
only bird with legs like mine would be an ostriche!

I am sure the fire in my chart helps as well as my ethnicity and blood disorder to make me bronzed in coloration and somewhat extroverted.

They say what is within 30 degrees of your rising also affects appearance. I am not good at math.
the aspects of the planets to your Ascendant are the ones that possibly affect your appearance. Venus conjunct the Ascendant is said to increase the looks. The other harmonious aspects tend to make you more charming.
Jupiter aspecting the Ascendant can make one gain weight, Jupiter is the planet of expansion while the Ascendant rules the appearance.
Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn will bring certain traits to the physical appearance depending on the different signs they are in.
Don't rag my poor memory. I think I will google this later! Many may seem to be repeating which would probably make that certain trait inherent in the person.

Sagittarius rising gives height , good complexion ussaully, and handsome.
Moon/Cancer - gives a middle -size. well-proportioned and fleshy ; round face; pale complexion; brown hair
Mercury/Gemini - gives height; dark brown hair; hazel eyes; and I thought it was prominent nose, long limbs;
Venus/Leo - clear complexion, round face; full eyes; light flaxen hair
Mars/Leo - muscular stature and well made body; sunburnt complexion; large eyes; flaxen hair
Jupiter/Leo - strong robust constitution; tall well made body; light or yellow golden hair; prominent eyes; fair complexion
Saturn/Aquarius - corpulent body; brown hair; good complexion; distorted teeth

There must be more easier definitions than that..I just don't remember well. I don't divinate or follow my charts close anymore.

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Rothilda T. Tue, August 25, 2009 - 11:46 AM by Rothild...

Yeah, I definitely agree that the traits listed for sign/ascendant appearance tend to be pretty Eurocentric, which severely limits their application. And they're not terribly relevant or accurate, in my opinion. But maybe that's because I tend to have a hard time finding common appearances between people of the same rising sign (save for certain subtle specifics, like maybe Gemini Rising people having a certain alertness in the eyes, Scorpio Risings having an intensity in the eyes, etc.). It's always interesting to read anything that tries to make connections and find patterns, but I've never read a list of physical traits corresponding with astrological traits that sticks out to me as widely accurate.

Although I could say that my slim-ish, but curvy (definitely not wiry) appearance is due to my Taurus Sun/Venus. I guess there's always a way to find some other astrological connection in a chart to fall back on if an assessment based on another astrological placement fails to prove accurate. Either a flaw or part of the beauty of astrology (or maybe both)...

Re: Gemini Ascendant and physical appearance.

Rothilda T. Tue, August 25, 2009 - 11:56 AM by Rothild...

Ha. Now, after reading over some of the posts below, I'm going to completely and immediately contradict myself (as us Gem. Rising folks are prone to do, I suppose). One physical feature I might say is generally pretty applicable to Gemini Rising people (and which might almost be more of a physically-observable energy, if that makes any sense... though I think it doesn't...) is a certain sweet, goofy, elfish look. The comments below mentioning sweetness, cuteness, or innocence in terms of physical appearance led me to mentally compare the Gemini Rising people I know and think of that common physical presence, which I believe they do all have.

I suppose I'll add onto my previous post that I think some Ascendant qualities can be observed in physical appearance, but that I'd propose they can't be reduced to specifics like hair color, height, weight, etc. And I'd make the connection that Gem. Rising people tend to have a certain alertness in their eyes (sometimes even a [seemingly] sweetly mischievous sparkle) and a bit of an elfish appearance. And a look that lends itself to being easily changed - a fairly malleable physical appearance.

Am I way off? Anyone think this sounds accurate or inaccurate?

Goddamn, am I babbly today! Excuse me.